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The Wildlife Accessories Story............

The first Trap-It was made using this mold and an oven.


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The hand operated mold used to create the first Trap-Its. The process used heat sensitive plastic placed on the mold with pressure applied by hand.

The Trap-It Story

Rex Hiday, a retired engineer, has an innovative spirt that he fostered through his engineering career. In 1989, Rex had an idea for a new product. Through his experience of feeding birds in his backyard which included hummingbirds, he discovered that ants with their natural attraction to sugar water were not only a nuisance at the himmingbird feeders, but became a problem once they clogged the portholes of the feeder. Rex's new product idea was the Trap-It, an innovative new product to solve the ant problem at his hummingbird feeders. Ants have a natural dislike to crossing water, so Rex's idea was to re-produce that natural barrier of water to keep the ants away from the sugar water and the feeder. Rex tapped his knowledge and experience with die-cast and molds from his engineering career to formulate how the Trap-it would be made and produced. Rex and Janice, his wife, formed Wildlife Accessories, Inc. for which the Trap-It was the first product. The company has expanded from that one product to the offering you see today.


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